Subtitle Converter

Subtitle Converter. Convert Subtitle(SMI TO SRT, SRT TO SMI) and Change the subtitle sync time.

STEP 1. Select subtitle file (srt, smi) to convert.

Choose subtitle type to convert
Change the subtitle sync time (seconds)

STEP 2. Download the changed subtitles.

How to use?

  1. Select the subtitle file you want to change (SMI or SRT)
  2. Select the subtitle format you want to change (SMI or SRT)
  3. To change the subtitle sync, enter the time in seconds. (direct input, click +,-button, mouse wheel)
  4. Click the 'Convert' button to convert the subtitles.
  1. Check the changed subtitles in the result area.
  2. If the text looks garbled, check the 'not UTF-8 encoding' checkbox and click the 'Convert' button again.
  3. If the result area shows normal results, click the 'Download Subtitle File' button to download it.